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No Trash Left Behind 

Owner/Manager Benefit

* Avg. property value increases $750k-$1.2M based on cap rate of 6-8%

* Increase your community’s value

* Increase Your Net Operating Income (NOI) All residents will use the service and owners will benefit from a steady revenue & happier residents . This service will bring in cash flow with zero upfront investment .

* Our team will helps with maintaining the property tidiness so your maintenance staff can focus on more urgent matters

* Our service will provide a competitive advantage over other communities with one of the most desirable amenities in the multi-family housing industry .

* Apartment Associations reports that residents consistently vote doorstep trash as one of the top amenities . Increase renewals , decrease turnover expenses and give the residents that they will use constantly

* Cleaner community

* Ancillary income

* Peace of mind

* Staff can focus on other residents satisfactions

* Doorstep waste service helps Achieve Higher Market Rent

Resident Benefit

* Convenient 5 night per week doorstep services saves residents the time and hassle of        dealing with trash related issues 

* No more hauling garbage down the stairs

* No more dealing with smelly , dirty overflowing dumpsters

* No more shuttling trash in or on top of your car.

* No more potentially night times walks to the dumpsters

* No trash left behind

* We collected all trash and disposable

* Help residents 

*Stay inside during inclement weather  

Added Value

* Add space during lease events

*Flyer/Notice posting

* Light cleaning trash out services following vacancy

* Deodorize dumpster areas

* Pool furniture reset

*Clean out and furniture moving

* Pressure wash dumpers 


*Dog waste station cleaning and bag restocking 

We work around the clock to keep your community clean.

Maintain A Junk-Free Property

Letting junk pile up on your property can lead to safety issues. Plus, it can make you feel overwhelmed every time you see the growing pile. We provides junk removal service included in most of our packages . We'll get rid of your junk for you to free up space in your home or office.

Pet Waste Station Service

Our weekly waste station service starting at just $9.95/week includes:

• Pressure wash receptacle with disenfectant and deodorant

• Spray receptacle with our Fly & Bug Repellant & Deodorant. Reduces the odor and insect activity along with the chance spreading bacteria.

• Pick up & remove all waste and debris within a 30 foot radius

• Restock pet station bags as needed

• Empty receptacle & replace with a new trash liner

• Perform basic station maintenance and repair when necessary (not including parts replacement costs)

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